Privacy Notice

Security and Privacy

Providence Fire Videos, Inc. understands your concerns regarding privacy.  We have designed this privacy policy as part of our commitment to you. Cookies are used on the site to help customers access and track items in their shopping cart. A cookie is sent to the individual to identify them when they return to the site for the purpose of viewing items left in their shopping cart.

When you order products, we will also need your billing and shipping information. This information should be as accurate as possible because we will use it for all contact, billing and shipping purposes.  We will NEVER share this information with anyone.

We know that your privacy is a top priority, therefore, we use secure transaction software. All credit card orders are processed on a secure server. Any credit card or other personal information you provide Providence Fire Videos, Inc. is protected by encryption using Secure Socket Layer Protocol (SSL). Only Providence Fire Videos can decrypt this secure information. If you prefer not to place your order online, we would be pleased to take your order by phone. Please call us at 401-692-0089 and we will be happy to assist you. 

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