Dept. Profiles

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Department Profiles

Creating a video profile of your department is a great gift idea. Use it as a recruitment tool, applying for a grant, doing a fundraiser or just a great way to show the public what the bravest in your department do 7 days a week, 365 days a year!!!

The video profile will show your department in action fighting fires, extricating victims from motor vehicle accidents, etc. It will also show life inside the firehouse (chores, training, equipment checks, etc). The profile can even show what goes on inside the cab during a run, show specific functions or anything else that you may want to see. All profiles are completely customizable and I will work with the department to film exactly what is requested. If you are interested in a profile of your department, Contact us for further information. 

Grant Assistance

Applying for a Grant? Don’t just tell them what you need, SHOW them! Increase the chance of getting what your looking for by adding a video to your grant application showing the needs of your department.

Writing it down on paper is one thing but adding a visual is a different story. When people actually see why you need the equipment instead of just reading it, they get a better understanding of your needs and increase your chances of being awarded the grant.

Contact us for more information.